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Gastronomía en Sarria

Sarria enjoys a well-deserved reputation, both for the quality and the preparation of its natural products.


Sarria enjoys a well-deserved reputation among the towns in the interior of Galicia, both for the quality of its natural products, and for the strict preparation of the same, in the numerous catering establishments of all categories, which, with a good quality-price ratio, make the town of Sarria one of the reference points when it comes to “good food”.

We are one of the leading places in the production of pork, including the Porco Celta, a recovered autochthonous breed. To speak of Sarria sausages is to speak of “quality”. The production is carried out following artisanal procedures and these products can be purchased throughout the year in different establishments such as sausage factories and butcher’s shops.

The veal meat is renowned throughout the country, not forgetting that in the whole region livestock farming is the main economic engine and the pastures are of high quality. The breeding of the “rubia galega” breed stands out, but in recent years other native breeds such as the cachena, caldelá, limiá, frieiresa and vianesa are being recovered.

The “pulpeiras”, both at the fairs and in the pulperías, manage to give this cephalopod that special touch that can only be achieved in the inland areas, either to eat it alone or accompanied by “cachelos” and washed down with wines from the banks of the Sil and Miño rivers.

Also noteworthy is the artisan production of bread in our bakeries, a product in great demand in the area by both locals and visitors to the town.

  • Lacón con grelos
  • Trout and eels
  • Traditional pork sausages including the porco celta variety: chorizo, salchichón, pressed chicharrones, etc….
  • Galician stew
  • Galician broth
  • Pulpo “Á Feira”
  • “Ó caldeiro”
  • Galician style “callos a la gallega”
  • Galician steak and grilled veal entrecôte
  • Churrasco
  • Empanadas (zorza, iscos, chorizo, meat, octopus, cod, scallops, tuna and also vegetables)
  • Vegetables typical of the area (turnip greens, cabbage. .. )
  • The game (partridge, roe deer, wild boar…. )


    • Filloas
    • Freixós
    • Cheese with quince jelly
    • Roscón
    • Melindres
    • Almond Cake
    • Almond Cake
    • Almond Cake
    • Andmond Cake Almond Cake
    • Chestnut Cake
    • Nut Cake
    • Themed Bonbons
    • Fried Milk
    • Santitos