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A medieval, friendly and refreshing village

A relaxing stop at the 114th kilometre of the French Way of St. James to enjoy the heritage of a friendly medieval village and the nature, legends and traditions of Galicia.


Praza da Vila. Foto Manuel Somoza
Praza da Vila. Foto Manuel Somoza

Sarria wants to be the KM. 0 on your Camino

Sarria can be a starting point if you want to get the Compostela or a stop on your pilgrimage. But also the start of a journey through a region full of life, heritage and cultural and gastronomic traditions. Either way, you will be part of Sarria during your stay. Enjoy it, whether you have one or more days. Come and experience its nature, its history and its friendliness.

Sarria is the beginning, it is LIFE, it is WATER of…

  • TIMES of a meiga that filled the
  • Sarria RIVER that gave its name to the town.
  • SNOW that covers the nearby mountains in white.
  • ROCÍO that the pilgrim encounters on his way to Santiago.
  • RUST that crunches when stepping on the fallen leaves on the paths.
  • REDDING that makes the pastures and forests grow, which with its chestnuts and acorns nourish the Galician blonde and the Celtic pork.
  • RAIN to put in the water to feed the pilgrims.
  • WATER to soak the seven herbs of San Juan
  • .
Río Sarria. Foto Manuel Somoza.
Río Sarria. Foto Manuel Somoza.

Take the first step of your
#CaminoenSarria, choose your PLAN in Sarria



At 114 kilometres from Santiago, Sarria is the perfect starting point if you want to obtain the Compostela. But also to enjoy capable walks through the historic centre or along the Sarria river, such as the Ruta das Aceas and the Paseo del Malecón. A medieval town full of history, Jacobean tradition and life! It vibrates with pilgrims, coming from other towns in Galicia, Spain and other countries. All of them have impregnated for centuries the friendly and hospitable character of the people who live and work in Sarria. Start your #CaminoenSarria and get the Compostela.

Peregrina haciendo el Camino de Santiago



In Sarria we have plans adapted to you. If you only have 1 day, we recommend a circular tour of the town, stopping at monuments, churches and historic buildings. If you have 2 days, you can also enjoy our natural surroundings, parks and recreational areas around the river. But if you are lucky enough to have more days, make excursions to the Terras de Sarria, Samos, Ribeira Sacra, Courel or Ancares. In any of these 3 plans try to feel, enjoy the details. The rich smell of freshly baked bread at the Bread Museum, the taste of the freshest products at the weekly fairs, a good conversation in a charming place, the feeling of entering another era when you visit an antique shop on Porvir street, seeing cows and pigs grazing free in the meadows and mountains, the sounds of the river…

Roteiro das Aceas
Puplo á Feira
Queimada do cocido do porco Celta
A Unión. Foto Manuel Somoza


Sarria will leave you with a good taste in your mouth

Enjoy a tasty Galician veal cutlet that melts in your mouth, a spectacular Celtic pork stew or lacón con grelos (pork shoulder with turnip tops). As well as varied and tasty traditional sausages. But if you’re more of a green person, try local vegetables (beets, turnip greens or cabbage) and recipes prepared with them, such as Galician broth. And don’t leave Sarria without trying the pulpo á feira, the most typical desserts or the bread and pastries of all kinds. Savour Sarria in bars, restaurants, fairs and local shops


After an intense day of walking or visiting the Lands of Sarria you need a good place to sleep and rest. In Sarria we have been receiving pilgrims of the French Way of Saint James and visitors since the Middle Ages. So you only have to choose between welcoming establishments for all tastes and budgets: Hotels, rural tourism houses, guesthouses, hostels, camping or motorhome area. Relax in Sarria and experience the hospitality of the Sarrians.

O Chanto. Foto Manuel Somoza
O Chanto. Foto Manuel Somoza
Entroido en Sarria
Entroido. Foto: Víctor Formoselle



When you travel you are looking for more than just things to see, you are looking for new experiences and to feel at ease in every place. And you have that in Sarria: festivals, fairs, festivals, folklore, sport, music, poetry… all year round. But what sets Sarria apart are the people: locals, fair-goers, traders, innkeepers, pilgrims from all over the world who form a beautiful rainbow of people whose vitality is contagious. Enjoy Sarria from January to December, check out the events calendar.

Discovering Sarria with Guido Guía

From June the City Council of Sarria offers you a very special cycle of activities: [...]