Monte do Páramo

Leaving Sarria via A Ponte da Áspera bridge, cross the railway line and go through Penagache in the direction of the church of Maside and through O Correal and A Lagoa continue to Rosende via the Macaque mountain. From there, along the Meixente mountain track (Monte Lodeiro), continue to the right towards Serra do Monte, leaving the Goián to Friolfe track, ascending towards Mount Páramo, where you can visit the television broadcasting centre. From there, go down to the Chapel of San Marcos, and take a shortcut to reach the track that goes to Chao de Domiz. Then via O Sisto, Mouzós, Nabás and the Granxa de Barreiros you reach the mesón do Romeo, and along the Maside concentration tracks you go down via Zanfoga to Penagache, in the direction of Sarria.