The Noite Meiga is celebrated on the night of the last Saturday of August, at the headquarters of the Centro Cultural Meigas e Trasgos, Parque do Chanto. This celebration was born in 1971 and is based on a legend that tells the sad love story between a young man and a meiga (witch). The young man enters a seminary as punishment for falling in love with a magical being and the meiga goes to the mountain where she cries and cries, until her tears form the river Sarria. After midnight the Danza da Noite Meiga takes place, in which the Meigas and the Trasgos dance with torches around a bonfire to protect themselves from bad omens while an incantation is chanted to ward off evil and to bring good luck throughout the year. On Sunday, the Empana Jam, a full-blown empanada party, is held to recharge your batteries. Come and experience the magic of the Meiga Night in your own flesh.