Os monasterios

Leave from the Casa do Concello (Town Hall) along Rúa Conde de Lemos. Visit the church and the cross of Santiago de Farbán, and take the track on the right.
Pass through Vilariño, where there is a good sample of tree species, and take the track on the left to find the road to Piñeira.
We visit the church of Albán towards San Paio de Piñeira (old monastery) and through Vilela, after crossing the beautiful railway bridge, we reach San Miguel de Piñeira (old monastery) where there is a stone cross.
Along the track we go up to Cedrón (on the track that goes up we find Lagoa dos Tritós, a beautiful and quiet pond where there are many Iberian Newts) and following the track to the north (old Royal Road from Lugo to Monforte) through A Chafarica and Abeledo we pass by Melle, and from there to San Martiño (old monastery) and through Rente (a beautiful field with oak trees) to the church of Barbadelo (old monastery). Through Vilei we continue towards the road to Portomarín and then go down towards Sarria.